Hardwood Floor Design

Star Hardwood Flooring, LLC also has the ability to produce unique and elegant hardwood floor designs for the flooring in your home. We offer a variety of custom design options for your home and will work with you to find the hardwood floor design that suits your home. If you are interested in our services for hardwood floor designs, contact Star Hardwood Flooring, LLC today for more information.

Hardwood Flooring Installation

Star Hardwood Flooring, LLC is the number one expert in residential and commercial hardwood flooring and lamination services. We offer a wide selection of hardwood flooring options and wood supplies. If you want to give your home an upgraded look, let our hardwood flooring company provide you with durable flooring you will ever encounter.

Our supply of floor colors, materials, and patterns are available to you to see what will best suit your home. Nobody beats our service for hardwood flooring installation. We guarantee quick installment without compromising excellence. Our hardwood floor resurfacing will last for decades and will give you the durability and reliability that our company promises every one of our clients.

We are known for our exceptional hardwood flooring installation, repair, refinishing, and resurfacing services. If you want new wood floors or have questions regarding general contracting, we can help. Contact Star Hardwood Flooring, LLC today in Kaufman, TX for the best floors around!

Hardwood Floor Sandfinish & Hand Scraped Finish

Hardwood flooring is unsurpassed when it comes to qualities like durability and beauty. However, over time it will start showing signs of wear and tear. This to be expected when one considers that people are walking on it all the time.

In these situations, you will want to hire a hardwood flooring contractor from Star Hardwood Flooring, LLC. Our skilled workers involve themselves in taking a sander to the flooring and smoothing out the scratches and rough edges. This is the ideal choice if your home still has original hardwood floors with minor cosmetic damage. If the floorboards are soft, they may be rotten, and will need to be replaced. We can perform the hardwood floor resurfacing for you.

Though hardwood floor refinishing is fairly simple, it is very time-consuming. This can be especially troublesome if the floor covers a large area. For this reason, it may be most convenient to hire a professional hardwood floor sand refinishing expert to take care of it for you.

To get the best in hardwood floor refinishing and hardwood flooring repair services, check us out at Star Hardwood Flooring, LLC, in Kaufman, TX.